Story Analysis / Coverage Writing

Screenwriting is hard. Anyone who has attempted to write a screenplay knows this.

I have been a professional story analyst and coverage writer since 2011, writing coverage for some LA’s top independent producers including Dan Halsted’s company, Manage-ment, indie guru, Electric City Entertainment, as well as for Sundance to prepare for their 2013 Screenwriter’s Lab.

I have learned a lot as a script reader and screenwriter, and, not only that, I am a veraciously curious lover of film, which has led to me being one of the strongest readers among my peers.

I offers comprehensive script analysis of up to four pages, as well as followup sessions by phone, coffee, or video call to address any lingering questions or concerns.

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I want to help you.


Having completed an MFA in screenwriting from the department of Radio-Television-Film in 2012, I am certified to teach post-graduate classes. I have taught screenwriting at the undergraduate level at the University of Texas at Austin, and am currently a Sessional Instructor for Screenwriting at the University of Victoria’s Creative Writing department.

I also continue to offer screenwriting workshops through CineVic: Society of Independent Filmmakers in Victoria, BC.

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