JANUARY in BC: First Day as UVic Sessional!

Nearly ten years after sitting in my own third year drama writing workshop at the University of Victoria (lead by Maureen Bradley!), I had my first day today as a Sessional Instructor for the very same class.

The class runs once a week until April 4th, primarily acting as a workshop for the students’ screenwriting (be that a short film, a webseries, or a TV pilot.) I am honoured and just incredibly stoked. Teaching is like playtime for me, and I’m already impressed with the vibe of the 15 students I’ll be spending the new year with.


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Stacey Ashworth

Stacey is a Canadian screenwriter, director, and script / story analyst with an MFA in Screenwriting from the University of Texas at Austin who is currently living in British Columbia. Stacey has had her work optioned in Los Angeles, as well as in Victoria, B.C., where she’s currently finalizing rewrites on her first draft of the Telefilm-funded feature, PERMANENT WAVES. Her short film, NO BREATH PLAY, which she wrote, directed and produced premiered at the Portland Film Festival, as well as won the Metropol Audience Award for Best Short at the Victoria Film Festival.

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